Don’t be desperate for power- Interview of the ICGLR-LMRC Executive Director


The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) has advised Zambian politicians against using unemployment and the state of the economy to stir up dissent as the country’s general elections approach because Zambia is a model of peace in the region.

ICGLR executive director Frank Okuthe said in an interview yesterday that the entire Great Lakes Region looks up to Zambia as a model of peace.

Dr Okuthe said Zambia is an icon of democracy and peace as elsewhere in the region elections are marred with violence.“Do not be so desperate for power at the expense of peace. Let the citizens see what you are offering. Trade ideas and sell your manifestos. Let your message be devoid of threats of violence,” Dr Okuthe said.

He said political competition is very healthy but must be done in a spirit of patriotism, non-violence and nationalistically.

“Zambia as a nation is more important than any individual, so important than any individual, so don’t be selfish by way of utterances and deeds,” Dr Okuthe said.

He said the August 11 general elections are a matter of interest to the entire region.

“We want a united Zambia even after the elections. We want the tradition of peace to continue,” he said.

Dr Okuthe said the region holds Zambia and its people in high esteem.

Article source: Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper 

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