Ms. MILIMO MACHILA, Intern-ICGLR –LMRC (Research, Training and Documentation Department)

First of all, I thank the Executive Director for LMRC, Dr. Frank Okuthe and his team (Ms. Mareena Mawere, Ms.Cheelo Kopakopa, Mr. Hamoosa Halubala and not forgetting Peter Ndebi and Tamando Mwanza) for warmly welcoming me to the organisation and mentoring me in diverse areas of interest. The solidarity and spirit of hard work in the LMRC staff motivated me to work extra hard and aim much higher in life.  

Before joining the organization, I thought interns were only given simple clerical work to do but that was not the case at LMRC. The Regional Centre provided a real platform for Training and Capacity Building. I remember participating in the Resource mobilization Seminar in Lusaka where experiences, ideas and knowledge were shared as part of staff Capacity Building. My experience at ICGLR-LMRC will forever be unique and memorable. I can gladly admit that my scope of knowledge about Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights and Civic Education has expanded. Furthermore, the challenging tasks given to me such as developing Concept Notes; drafting three Regional Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) Training Manuals; Writing a website story, Reviewing LMRC Brochure; Compiling Weekly and Annual Departmental Progress Reports as well as searching for Calls for Proposals, sharpened my analytical, problem-Solving, Report-writing and Computer skills.

Notably, I enjoyed taking part in the development of the modules that address six challenges concerning EITI implementation in the Great Lakes Region through peer-learning sessions as identified by Stakeholders during both the 2014 consultations on the Situation Analysis of EITI Implementation in ICGLR Member States and the 2015 Peer-Learning Event.

Finally, towards the end of my Internship Programme, I was tasked to compile LMRC’s 2019 Operational plan. I feel so honored to have been given an opportunity to contribute towards the realization of LMRC’s five key strategic objectives of the 2018- 2022 Strategic Plan. Being an intern at the Regional Centre was one my greatest achievements in 2018.